User Experience Optimisation - Process and Methods

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UX Strategy

Our User Experience Strategists use design thinking to collaborate with your stakeholders to help them to design strategic user journeys, personas and service maps.

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UX Research

Tap on our highly experienced UX consultants to conduct UX expert reviews, ethnographic research, contextual enquiry research, remote usability testing and quantitative surveys either in-person or remotely.


UX Design

Leverage the synergy of our UX research and UX design teams for Concept Ideation, UI Prototyping / Interaction Design and Information Architecture Design.

UX Design

Leverage the synergy of our research and design teams to create or improve your products.

Usability Testing

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Usability Testing

Usability testing validates design concepts. We ensure that your mobile and web designs make life easy for your customers and improve your business outcomes.

UX Training

Through our diverse and customised remote and face to face delivery techniques, our professional facilitators will guide any sized audience through the core skillets and understanding of HCD you require.

Participant Recruitment

We are a one-stop-shop.

Participant recruitment is included in our research engagements. We also provide standalone participant recruitment services for your user research projects.


Eye Tracking

Eye tracking allows us to explore unconscious reactions during shopping or digital experiences. It reveals what really attracts consumers’ attention and eliminates errors that may occur when relying on human recall. We also sell Tobii Pro eye trackers.

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Lab Rental

Our lab enables a conducive environment when testing is in the session.

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Translation Services

We bridge translators with your users in your research studies across APAC & offer local language facilitation.

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