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Design user-friendly interfaces and elevate your UX skills with our comprehensive courses.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’ve got something for everyone.


Empowering your UX abilities through a rewarding and supportive learning environment.

Fundamental Accessibility 101

Understand different types of disabilities & the importance of accessibility compliances

Fundamental Lean UX

Learn the core principles and methodologies of Lean User Experience (UX) design

Conscious Experience Design (CxD)

Conscious Experience Design: Crafting Meaningful and Ethical User Experiences

Remote Online User Testing

Conducting Effective User Research from Anywhere

Eye Tracking in Qualitative Research

Eye Tracking in User Experience: Understanding User Attention and Behavior

User Experience Essentials Course

Creating Exceptional User Experiences Online Course

Introduction to Usability Testing

Optimizing User Experience

Systems & Services

Creating Sustainable and User-Centric Solutions

Strategic Design

Innovating for Competitive Advantage

Multilingual User Research

Understanding Diverse User Experiences

Sustainable Design Introduction

Sustainable practices in product design

Tailored courses to fit your needs

Wherever you are in your learning journey, we’d love to be a part of it and help you take things to the next level!



Create better customer experiences and acquire practical expertise and UX-related insights in your industry or other sectors.



Boost customer satisfaction and revenue by equipping your team with practical skills to design standout products in a competitive market.



Boost your portfolio and impress more clients by elevating your skillsets in the domain of UX.



Whether you’re starting out or looking to unlock your UX potential even further, we’ll make sure you leave a better researcher and/or designer.


Please find answers for common queries about our Digital UX workshops.

Why Choose Objective Experience Over Other Providers?

As we create bespoke courses, modelled off your needs and training objectives. We’re not a business in a box service, but treat our training like we do our consultancy – with care, empathy, and understanding of the value you need

What Can I Expect As An Outcome?

We seek to ensure the training is relevant to your role, your industry, your product and your direct needs. We can discuss incorporating your service or product directly into the training agenda so it has meaning and direct relevance; or we can approach the training simply from a set of principles to guide and coach.

Is the Training Virtual, or Face to Face?

It can be both! We can accomodate to either virtual or physical training needs, as our instructors have access to high quality video and audio equipment, plus online tools. Or we can work with you to deliver within your organisation, or a facility best suited to you.

How Many of my Staff Can Attend?

We can accomodate to all sizes and composition; be it a once-off departmental or all-of-business delivery, or a series of events that bring teams or groups together across a themed suite of training.

How Are Your Instructors Unique?

As we are both facilitators and consultants; providing Human Centred Design services and solutions to our many varied client industries – we bring this knowledge and expertise into the classroom, reflecting on real-world case studies and relevance to your training needs.

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