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UX Research

Engage with our highly experienced UX Research consultants to conduct UX Research, UX expert reviews, ethnographic research, contextual product research, remote usability testing and quantitative surveys either in-person or remotely.

Research informs design, and serves as the guiding light that illuminates all the work we do. We choose the qualitative and quantitative research methods to match the objectives of the business and budget.

We work with you to determine your needs of research; from as simple as gathering information and data, to analysing and identifying trends, to transforming data into comprehensive communication and artefacts, we can assist you with your end to end research journey.

User Interviews

Individual interviews allow for probing in-depth into the user experience. The recorded conversation will then be analysed to a more empathetic understanding and greater perspective, informing personas and user journeys.

Ethnography (In-Person and Remote)

Ethnography (In-Person and Remote)

By observing how users behave in their typical, everyday environment, we can uncover patterns and pain points. From there, scenarios, usage patterns, and areas of improvement can be extrapolated.

Contextual Inquiry

With the combination of light ethnographic work and user interviewing, contextual inquiry will allow observation of users’ behaviour on site in the natural context. Patterns and pain points are then uncovered through the user interview about their experience.


We use questionnaires, card sorting, and information architecture validation for maximum insights into user behaviours. These techniques can be conducted face-to-face, via phone, online, embedded into a website, or posed to users via social networks.

Diary Studies

To collect qualitative data about user behaviours, attitudes, and experiences over an extended period of time. This allow analysis of long-term behaviour and how users’ interactions may vary over a period of time.

Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Discussions

Led by a moderator, these small group discussions allow participants to interact with each other, building on ideas and expanding perspectives The end result reveals participants’ insights, feelings, and perceptions.

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Expert Reviews

Evaluating a user interface’s experience against academic research, design best practices, and lessons learned in the field, Objective identifies and prioritises every issue and offer actionable recommendations for the short or long term.