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Engage with our highly experienced UX consultants team from Singapore to conduct UX expert reviews, ethnographic research, contextual product research, remote usability testing and quantitative surveys either in-person or remotely.


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Research informs the design and serves as the guiding light that illuminates all the work we do. We use a range of research methods to suit the needs and budget. We’ll work with you on what kind of information is necessary for your business, whether it’s a simple or more in-depth analysis that might transform data into compelling communication tools.

User Interviews to understand perspectives

User interviews are an in-depth way to get a more empathetic understanding and perspective on users. The recorded conversation will then be analyzed for better personas, user journeys – all informed by your findings from the individual interview sessions!

Ethnography (In-Person and Remote)

Ethnography is a powerful tool for understanding how people use your product or service. By observing them in their natural environment, you can uncover patterns that might not be visible otherwise and make improvements on areas where the need seems greatest to help drive up customer satisfaction rates!

Contextual Inquiry for in-depth study

Don’t forget the importance of context. Without considering where we are and who will use our product or service it’s impossible to know what consumers want – which can lead us down false paths that waste time and money. Contextual data can be collected on-site where patterns emerge from observing users’ behaviour as they navigate through your online space. By interviewing them we get all kinds of information.

Online Surveys - collect valuable feedback

Surveys are a great way to get feedback. It’s easy and convenient, you can do it by phone or online.We use questionnaires, card sorting and information architecture validation for maximum insights into user behaviours. These techniques can be conducted face-to-face or online to gather data from potential customers in their natural environment with no barriers between them (such as an office).

Diary Studies for qualitative data

Diary studies are an excellent way to collect qualitative data about user behaviours, attitudes and experiences over an extended period of time. Diary studies are helpful for analyzing user behaviour over a long period of time. Users may have different interactions with your product or service on days that they use it, and these variations can be studied through diary analysis as well.

Focus Group Discussions to get insights

The group discussion is an interactive and engaging way for people in the same room, or on different sides of a computer screen who are interested alike. Groups can be small or large; they’re led by someone referred to as “the moderator.” The discussions allow participants’ insights from their perspective which will help expand perspectives with other members that might not know about certain issues before hand .

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Expert Reviews to quickly assess quality

Expert reviews are a great way to assess the quality of products and services. Reviewing a product can be tough. It’s important to know how people will use your design, but sometimes that means getting real time input from experts in other fields!

Expert reviews provide an unbiased and detailed look at what is happening when someone interacts with an application or website for long enough periods of time- this helps developers make their products better by giving them valuable information they might not otherwise have access too.