Sustainable Design Introduction

Sustainable practices in product design, by understanding the principles of designing for a better planet

Course Overview

A short delivery across 2-hours, that details and uncovers the principles of “What is Sustainability in Design?” as a thought starter for businesses and projects, that helps people and teams understand “Why” Sustainability matters, and “How” they can begin to introduce the essential suite of principles into their workflows, approach and governance of a healthy Sustainable practice.

Course Syllabus

Here’s what you’ll learn

Module 1: Environment Impacts and Life Cycle Research

The state of our environment, human factors and considerations for product decisions

Module 2: Principles of Sustainable Design

The seven principles of sustainable design (durability, energy efficiency, waste reduction, indoor air quality, water conservation, sustainable building materials)

Module 3: Sustainable Materials and Material Selection

Materials in product decisions, and their affect on their surrounding systems

Module 4: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Design

The macro and micro of energy conservation, use and global impact

Module 5: Sustainable Product Design

The aims of sustainable principles, in practice

Module 6: Future Trends and Innovations in Sustainable Design

Innovators and game changers

Course Certificate

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate recognizing their knowledge and understanding of Sustainability in Design. This certificate acknowledges their ability to apply design principles to product choices, understanding of the core principles of sustainability, and create customer-centric experiences that align with sustainable practice. Graduates of this course will be well-equipped to lead conversations and intiatives that guide future decisions from a conscious level.

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