Accessibility 101 Course

Know about the importance of accessibility compliance, and the relevant laws and guidelines in place

Course Overview

The Fundamental Accessibility 101 training course is a comprehensive and introductory program designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to ensure digital content is inclusive and accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This course covers key topics such as understanding different types of disabilities, the importance of accessibility compliance, and the relevant laws and guidelines in place. Participants will learn practical techniques for creating accessible documents, websites, and multimedia content, including proper use of alt text, keyboard navigation, and color contrast considerations.

Course Syllabus

Here’s what you’ll learn

Module 1: Introduction to Accessibility

Understanding the concept of accessibility, its importance, and the impact it has on individuals with disabilities.

Module 2: Types of Disabilities

An overview of various disabilities, including visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, and neurological impairments, to better comprehend users’ diverse needs.

Module 3: Accessibility Laws and Standards

An exploration of relevant accessibility laws, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and their application to digital content.

Module 4: Creating Accessible Documents

Techniques for making digital documents, such as PDFs and Word documents, accessible through proper heading structure, alternative text, and appropriate color usage.

Module 5: Web Accessibility

Best practices for creating accessible websites, including semantic HTML, keyboard navigation, focus indicators, and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies.

Module 6: Multimedia Accessibility

Strategies for providing accessibility for videos, audio files, and images, such as captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions.

Module 7: Inclusive Design

Understanding the principles of inclusive design and integrating accessibility considerations from the outset of content creation.

Module 8: Testing and Evaluation

Methods for testing digital content for accessibility issues and using assistive technologies to identify and address potential barriers.

Module 8: Implementing Accessibility

Strategies for integrating accessibility into organizational workflows, fostering a culture of accessibility, and establishing ongoing maintenance and improvement practices.

Course Certificate

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate recognizing their proficiency in recognition of the individual’s efforts to promote accessibility awareness and proficiency in creating digitally inclusive content. Graduates may showcase their commitment to ensuring equal access to information for all users.

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