3-Week Problem to Product

UX Research

We’ve put a lot of thought into the way we engage with our clients and how we work with them to tackle the problems they face.

We’ve created a series of package solutions to deliver rapid, focussed and effective research-driven approaches to any problem or situation you might currently face.

The 3-Week Problem to Product is an end to end solution to takes an existing problem, feature, flow or function and puts it through a proven approach to produce a prototype and report you can use for the way forward.

The 3-Week Problem to Product framework.


The approx. value of the Problem-to-Product package is AUD $19,000 plus gst.

Recruitment and participant incentives are non-inclusive as the requirements can change drastically depending on the nature of the project. For a more realistic estimate, get in contact and we can have a chat.

We go into more detail about our remote research process here.