Objective Experience – Wellness Week 2023

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Employee wellness has taken center stage in today’s workplaces. It’s a fact: to excel, you need to nurture both your physical and mental well-being.

Employers hold the power to elevate team members’ health and happiness by embracing strategic initiatives, ultimately cultivating a more content workforce. An “employee wellness program” is your business’ set of unique offerings that support employee wellness.

During the pandemic we transformed into a fully remote agency and our employee, Ligia Pessotto, reminded us of the importance of building connections between remote team members by creating a wellness program for the business.

With the support of our CEO, James Breeze, weekly Wellness sessions were implemented. Each week a different team member would be facilitating the session which could go from opening the room to chat about a subject such as imposter syndrome, to playing mindful games together or to educating everyone about topics such as mental health or meditation.

We also designed a Wellness Week in harmony with ‘R U OK?’ day. Our lineup featured five impactful guest speakers, coupled with an invigorating wellness challenge aimed at inspiring our staff to embrace regular exercise. The outcome was truly remarkable—witness our journey in the video below!

Get ready, because this year we’re bringing it all back! We’re thrilled to announce that three guest speakers will attend our event, accompanied by yet another exciting wellness challenge. Stay tuned for another round of inspiration and well-being!

Speaker 01: Walid Aboulnaga will run a relaxing breathwork session. https://www.nafas.life/

Speaker 02: Ale Lasas will teach us how to harmonize emotions through the power of acupressure. https://www.alelasas.com

Speaker 03: Laura Chanloup will facilitate a workshop about wellbeing and energy. https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurachanloup/

At Objective Experience, we’re committed to improving wellness for employees by providing regular catch ups between managers and employees, and fostering an empathetic work culture.

If you’re interested in wellness in the workplace, check out this article where we’ve gained inspiration from  @Employment Hero, who are also advocates of workplace wellness.

Thanks @employmenthero for this thought provoking article: https://employmenthero.com/uk/blog/employee-wellness-program-ideas/