Online Workshop – UI/UX: What Is User Experience In a Remote Environment?

Remote Research

In partnership with Singapore Government’s Infocom Media Development Authority, we will cover the essential considerations of User Experience Design, including Research, Analysis, Problem Solving, Prototyping and Usability testing.

User Experience In a Remote Environment

With the current shifting state of product and design processes in this COVID world, the purpose and value of User Experience methodology is more important than ever, that we adapt and adjust to human needs – and plan to assist organisations shift their thinking to adapting their product to contemporary needs.

This session will cover the essential considerations of User Experience Design, including Research, Analysis, Problem Solving, Prototyping and Usability testing. The team will walk through a highly interactive, hands on session that will set the participants with useful, usable tools they can immediately put into practice

Trainer Info

Robert from Objective Experience, is at the forefront of his game, having been a UX consultant for over 10 years, arising from pure visual design in a career that has seen him touch upon industries small and large, from finance and superannuation, to government and national infrastructure, to start-ups looking to find their first headway into the industry. His principle roles of late have been within National Sporting Organisations; where Robert has had a desire to work within the field of “passion” – where the customers, users, fans, participants are the complex human makeup that provide a system from which to work.

Robert’s recent curiosity is broadening his work deeper with Systems Thinking, and exploring the what ifs, and what may bes, by understanding the circumstances around existing problems. Robert’s desires are to bring education of the art of user experience globally; and most recently designed, built and delivered the 10 Week Full-time User Experience course for Academy Xi, where his love for theatre, facilitation and teaching all came to the fore over a 3 year period.

Facilitated by Objective Experience

Objective Experience is your User Experience Research and Human-Centred Design partner; with advanced tools and expertise to capture authentic human behaviour and maximise business outcomes with effective design. From our offices in Singapore and Sydney, we undertake in lab and remote research across Asia Pacific for organisations ranging from enterprise, through government to entrepreneurial startups.

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