Working Remotely as a Team

Remote Research

Let’s remind ourselves about the ways that we should all be communicating to execute successful projects. COVID-19 has called for some ‘new’ work methods; however, these are all methods that Objective Experience uses on a daily basis already.

The question is, how to work remotely as a team? Here is our take.

How to work remotely as a team while consulting with clients

Stay connected with clients and project team members so that the level of service
experienced by clients is high.


Use different mediums

Use email, Slack, video conference, mobile, and text appropriately to maximise your engagement/impact. Be mindful of the frequency of communication across the week.

You can invite your client teams to communicate in real-time

On specific Slack channels or WhatsApp groups set up for them. This will help maintain business as usual and enhance the experience by forming a single team, that’s easy to do business with, in a virtual office.

Offer to set up video conferencing meetings for clients

If they are not confident teach them how to set up and use preferred video conferencing tools. Being helpful, facilitating and encouraging people to use technology successfully reflects well on you.

Make sure you install and test the client’s or supplier’s chosen video conferencing tool

(e.g. Zoom, Skype for Professionals, etc.) a good 30 minutes prior to the meeting, if they have organised a video conferencing meeting and are not using your preference e.g.: hangouts. There is nothing worse than sitting around waiting for someone to setup when you should be talking business.

Prepare a clear agenda

Bearing in mind that meetings can be much quicker online.

Find out who is attending the meeting

And their titles, write down attendees and distribute a contact report at the end of the meeting. Contact reports are really important devices which will help drive the momentum through assigning the agreed responsibility of completing work tasks in a timely fashion.

Find ways to make sure the client knows you are available

From 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and that they are in front of mind. So be proactive with picking up the phone and setting up video conferencing. Do not wait for them to call you.

Go the extra mile for your client,

Find ways to complete little tasks for them that are easy for you to do quickly. This removes any perception of the service level dropping off with you working at home. However don’t do stuff that’s not relevant, only be helpful with things that help you complete your own tasks. e.g. reaching out to the clients internal staff to organise meetings.

You can use courier services

To send physical documents, gifts etc.

Consider large open spaces outside

(weather permitting) if you must meet in person.

For your staff

Make working remotely enjoyable for your employees!

Team Meetings

Hold meetings with your team first thing every morning

Use this to discuss what you will each be doing today. It kick starts the day nicely and helps with problem solving. You can do this on Zoom or with simple updates on slack or similar tool.

Updates should include the following:

  • I am feeling …
  • I’m working on …
  • I have issues/need help with …
  • I have time available (to help others or support internal growth at …

Be disciplined with breaks

When you’re alone it’s too easy work too hard! It’s easy to fall out of bed and start working and still be sitting in the same spot 5 hours later still wearing your pyjamas. Try to take a break every hour. Go make a cup of tea, go for a quick walk around the block. Play some music. Switch your environment up by changing locations.

Don’t feel guilty about using your newfound liberty to create a positive work routine

One that allows a little playtime and attend to life’s little chores e.g. go for a run, playing with the kids, connecting with your friends. As long as you’re delivering good work to your clients and you’re supporting your team mates to be their best and everyone is happy, then WFH affords you a lot of liberty – remember you’re saving time on travel and no one is around to judge.

Don’t get lonely – ever!

Keep talking with your team and clients daily. Only use emails for official document sending.

Stick to agreed meeting times

Never be late.

It’s important to have a comfortable, distraction-free environment to work from

This is mostly up to personal preference – some people work great sitting on their couch, others need a dedicated desk and chair. Noise cancelling headphones are useful and sometimes invaluable. If you don’t have air conditioning at home, let us know and we can work around it.

A stable internet connection

Must be available at all times either via home ISP or broadband. Mobile hotspots are preferred over public WiFi for improved connections and security. Ask your staff if they need help with this.