Why your landing pages should be like a whitepaper

UX Research

What is a Landing page?

Landing pages are very different from other generic pages of a website or blog because of the very reason that they are goal-driven.

A landing page, which is sometimes also referred to as a “lead capture page” or a “lander” has specific goals, geared towards the publisher’s business strategy. In short, landing pages are created to convert site visitors, leads and prospects into customers or clients.

The more conversions a landing page generates, the more successful it is.

How to design landing pages?

These guidelines can be used when designing a landing page at any point during a web development life cycle.

This can be used for compliance to ensure that designs for all current and future landing pages comply with best practice research and used for validation as a point of reference during the latter stages to cross-check that all relevant components remain compliant.

The guidelines are split up into the three ‘C’s (Credibility and Trust; Conversion; and Content) that can be used as required depending on the intended type of landing page desired.