Wellness Week – Wearing the Future!

Learning Wellness at work

Anuraj Gambhir is an Innovation Evangelist, internationally recognised Exponential Thought Leader, and many many other things. At our session, he spoke about trends in the wearable tech space, and the Wear-to-Able future. Anuraj shared about Industry 5.0, the return of the human into the equation. In this future of work, people work alongside robots and smart machines. In this future of work, the human in right in the centre. 

Wellness wear for the future

One thing that really caught our attention are meditation tech tools. Many are wearables like Muse (brain-sensing headband that gives users feedback about their meditation real time by translating brain signals into the sounds of weather) or Relax VR (headset with highly detailed 360° video footage and spatial sounds to guide users’ practice).

There are also many apps like Headspace that help users with meditation and mastering mindfulness.(At the time of writing, we’ve placed an order for a FocusCalm headband and we’re waiting for it to reach us!)

How has tech impacted the experience of meditation?

Meditation is hard.

Asking our bodies to sit without fidgeting (or falling asleep), getting our minds to be still when we are constantly on a “go” mode is not something immediately available to most.

Using technology-aided meditation tools is like learning how to cycle with training wheels, it can help us get into the restful zone so that our minds and bodies start to recognise and become aware of how being in this state feels like.

In a way,  mediation with (the help of) tech can feel like having access to a personal meditation coach.

The merging of science, art and culture with technologies is definitely less about the tech and mostly about improving lived experiences.

Tech is enabling access to more affordable and accessible solutions so that we can move from sick care to true healthcare.

With a little bit of help from tech, we can take charge of our well-being to become happier, healthier and more spiritually connected humans. We can live holistically, and maybe, just maybe, live with more meaning!