Wellness Week – How to Stop Procrastinating

Wellness at work

We are so grateful to have Sandra Moscardo join us for #wellnessweek.

We discovered that everyone has procrastination issues! We all do. We are not superheroes.

Sandra gave us great practical steps on what procrastination is and what to do about it. Particularly, taking the emotion out of tasks that might make us feel bad!

Just can’t get stuff done? Ask yourself:

  • What would this task look like if it was easy? What prevents me from making it easy today?
  • How can I break my work into little steps and be consistent in taking action?
  • What are my realistic goals and plan to get there? What is my journey?
  • Ask other people who have done it before, HOW do they do it? What’s their process. It’s OK to ask for help! Or get them to do it for you 😉

To help deal with the uncomfy feelings and self-respect issues that stem from procrastination Sandra suggested that we should:

  • Do something we don’t want to do or something new, everyday
  • Have resilience, the ability to pull back from our own imaginations
  • Think about what we are willing to give up to get the outcome we want?
  • Watch out for language of necessity, don’t use words like ‘should’, ‘have to’, ‘must’
  • Ask yourself, what would you regret if you don’t do the task?

To top the session off we were blessed to be taken into a meditative trance by Sandra where we visualised a new approach to things we don’t want to do!