OE Wellness – Keeping a Daily Routine with Barty Coffee

Wellness at work

What is your morning routine?

At Objective Experience, every Thursday, we celebrate wellness and daily routine together by Zooming with our Sydney and Singapore teams. We discuss mental health, meditate, play games or even to drink coffee with an expert!

Wellness and daily routine

Today, we were so grateful to have Bart from Barty Single Origin join us. He educated us on how coffee can be used to start your day, everyday, with a mindfulness practice. Something as simple as making a good coffee can help centre us and set us up for a wonderful day! But you have to get your own coffee User Experience right!

Bart described how to make a pour over with his yummy Barty El Salvador Gobiado Orange Bourbon Natural, – AKA Barty Green. He cooks from his home in Darglinghurst, Sydney!

Ultimate coffee user experience

We didn’t know that there were so many things to consider when creating your perfect user experience in a morning beverage:

  • Water temp (98 degrees is best)
  • How long you leave it to steep (for a pour over or a plunger)
  • The size of the grinds (course or fine)
  • The flavour you like (the type of coffee and how it was made)
  • The device you use to make itN (in this case a pour over)

There is no magic way to make a great coffee. The user experience you get is up to your own experimentation!

Handy hint: Coffee lasts about 4 weeks after not is ground, so most of the stuff you buy at the supermarket has gone off before you open it! SO only buy a small bag of freshly ground coffee or it will go off before you finish it!

Thanks Bart! All proceeds from Bart’s side hustle go to bring awareness to mental health through the Global Mental Health Charity Reachout.com in Australia. We donated $500 through Barty’s site today! You can too!

After all, your wellness and daily routine go hand-in-hand