Remote testing in 2021: A review of Lookback

UX Research

A designer can reach great success or deep disappointment depending on what tools they have access to. At Objective Experience, we have been working with Remote Research software Lookback for a while now.  We asked our expert researchers what they thought of the platform and why they like to use it.

Remote testing in 2021 by using Remote Research software Lookback

Three main areas of interest came to their attention providing us with insight into the remote work of our expert researchers and designers.


With the focus of research shifting wholeheartedly to remote due to the COVID19 pandemic and a general trends, Lookback has the capacity to allow for “Anyone from anywhere can be tested” – Lou. Another facet to remote testing, is the capacity for streaming and recording in the highest quality. Senior UX Consultant Shane comments “It (Lookback) streams and records different devices at high quality.” Something which remote research competitors can’t necessarily handle to the same capacity. Finally, Ligia comments on the ability for Lookback to facilitate our research sessions with the least amount of restrictions.

It’s nice to have the freedom to run the sessions remotely.” – Ligia

Convenience for the participants

Testing with participants is now almost mandatory in the online product design world. Something which stakeholders are more and more aware of. The convenience of Lookback doesn’t stop with the participants, it flows on through to those viewing, clients and stakeholders. Aside from the simplicity for the participants “they only need to click on the link to join the session” – Ligia, we enjoy the immediacy of sharing the sessions. Shane points out that “Recordings are immediately available after a session and can easily be shared with clients.” which makes our job as consultants that much easier.

All in all, the main reason we love using Lookback is that it helps us focus on what is most important.

(It) helps the researcher and participant focus on only the testing.” – Lou

Facilitator view of Lookback with the participant and the prototype in full view. One aspect we find amazing with Lookback is that there are little to no distractions when conducting sessions.

Participant view of Lookback Participate App on iOS

Client View of Lookback, with participant, notes and prototype in view.


Additional features

Lookback is our remote research of choice holistically and because of some additional cool features it brings to the table. Programs which we used before Lookback have similar features, however were not in one solution. What we love about this remote solution is that all of our favourite features are in one place!

  • “The tool allows for such ease of use! Without clicking around searching for the best way to record a session, Ligia points out “The software allows us to record the screen as the participant is working on the tasks.”

  • “Additional features in the software assists researchers with the most efficient ways to engage with the insights from participants, “It allows for in context note taking… easy to jump back to the exact spot in the video” – Shane.

  • Lou notes that the ability to prepare links in Lookback is a huge time saver and makes the session more streamlined. “No need to share the prototype links with participants during the test – the set up in Lookback provides an easy way to add the prototype link beforehand.”

Finally, Senior Consultant Shane sums up that it’s the details, matched with a focus on the participant, which allow for Lookback to be our top tool for remote research.

It has one way observation, so you can invite collaborators to view, chat and make notes without it impacting the participant.” – Shane