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New member of the OE team-Research and Design Consultant

Introducing Ligia Pessotto, Research and Design Consultant at OE. Ligia is passionate about research and the design thinking journey of a project.

As a people person, one of her favourite things about UX research is empathising with the story of the end users and how they will engage with the experience.

Having come from an architectural background, she is naturally interested in problem solving, creativity and design. She believes that technology should improve human life and interactions through enjoyable and seamless experiences.

Prior to her role at Objective, Ligia worked on projects that focused on improving people’s well being, tackling environmental issues and inclusivity for children with additional needs.

How eye tracking can give you a competitive advantage

She recently undertook her first Tobii eye-tracking training.

Ligia had long heard about eye tracking, which has gotten her very excited to finally experience such a modern outcome-focused research tool.

She was impressed with its accuracy and the different reports that can be created through this software, being a valuable resource for UX researchers.

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